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Three Rivers

Construction Estimating

Wednesday Evening 6:00 - 8:45pm Room D-122

Text Box: CTC K229

Instructor:     Nate Bernier LEED AP, email

                  Credits:   3,   Hours: 3,      Pre-requisites: ARC 135/L, MAT 172

Grade:            Exams (3) 45%         Assignments 30%          Final 25%


Course Outcomes:

Understand the role and duties of the estimator and the various delivery systems;

Read, interpret, and understand construction documents and specifications;

Prepare a conceptual estimate, estimate building costs by assemblies, & analyze construction productivity;

Understand selected aspects of bidding and the post-bid process;

Apply estimating skills and understand their integration into computer spreadsheet applications;

Understand basic methodology and scheduling concepts;

Identify abstract direct and indirect costs and account for conditions accordingly.


Method:   Lectures, Slide Lectures, Simulations, Mock work-sessions and Class Discussion


Text:         RS Means for Students, Instructor Handouts




























Week 9 Spring Break

            No Classes


Unit 9  Quantifying & Pricing Implied Scope

            Logistics, Site & Weather Conditions


Unit 10 Scheduling (Determining GC/GR’s)

            ID Critical Path, Milestones, Divis. 1


Unit 11 Scheduling (Cont’d)

            Pricing Div. 1 General Conditions


Unit 12 Contingency & Risk Management

            Allowances, Bid Qualifications, RFI’s


Unit 13 Managing an Estimate (pre/post submit)

            Subs Input, Bid Leveling


Unit 14 Managing an Estimate

            Scope Review & Value Management


Unit 15 Estimate to Construction

            Estimate Transfer, Internal Customers &

                Tracking Schedule of Values


Unit 1  Course Introduction (Review Sample)

            Why and How we Estimate


Unit 2  Estimating Concepts

            Role, Est. Types, Uses & Delivery Systems


Unit 3  Starting the Estimate 

            Document Review, ID Scope of Work


Unit 4  The Estimate (Cont’d)

            Estimate Organization, CSI Format


Unit 5  Quantity Take-off 

            Divisions 2 – 4


Unit 6  Quantity Take-off (Cont’d)

            Divisions 5 – 8


Unit 7  Quantity Take-off (Cont’d)

            Divisions 9 – 14


Unit 8  Quantity Take-off (Cont’d)

            Divisions 15 - 16



Course Materials Requirements

Calculator, ¼” Graph Paper, Architectural Scale

Computer Access, Internet Access, Email, USB Flash-drive