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Architecture of the World B-125

Mon/Wed 3:00 PM or Mon 6:00 PM or Tues/Thurs 2:00 PM


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Three Rivers

ARC K102

Instructor:     Professor Mark Comeau, (860-215-9415), email


Grade:            Quizzes (5) 80%           Final 10%           Attendance 10%            Research Project (Extra Credit)


Course Description:

The course offers a global perspective of buildings, their settings, and the dissemination of ideas about architecture from the late Neolithic period to the present.  Particular attention is given to the relationships of architectural expression, meaning, and building technology and to issues arising when architectural traditions of one culture are imposed upon or otherwise adapted by another.  Students will explore the impact of climate, economy, philosophy, social structure and technology on architecture by becoming familiar with some of the World’s major monuments in architectural history.  The course also integrates the visual arts that paralleled each era, exploring the fundamental elements of each “movement” as illustrated through aesthetic expression.


Method:   Visual Slide Presentation Accompanied by Lecture


Text:         Comeau, Mark. Architecture of the World, Iowa: Kendall-Hunt Publishing Company, 2014.

                  ISBN 978-1-4652-4985-2  Buy the Book-click here


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**********  COURSE DETAIL  **********


Educational Objectives:

Establish chronological and thematic frameworks for the study of the World’s history through its architecture;

Create understanding and appreciation for cultures’ architecture from traditionalism to modernity;

Develop skills of description of formal and historical analysis and aesthetic evaluation.

Suggested Readings:

Janson, H.W. and Anthony F. History of Art. New York: Harry N. Abrams, Inc. 1991.

Stone, Irving. The Agony and the Ecstasy. New York: Doubleday. 1961.

Research Project

This is optional, see Professor Comeau for details.

Students can select from three different projects available on the Professor’s website (link above).


Unit 9      Late Renaissance

                  Europe and the Americas


Unit 10    Early American Colonial

                  Growth in a New World


Units 11/12   Iron & Glass & Chicago School

                  Impacts of the Industrial Age


Unit 13    The Modern Movement

                  Function, Expressionism, and the Abstract


Unit 14/15Antoni Gaudi and Frank Lloyd Wright

                  Organic Masters


Unit 16    The Skyscraper Race

                  New York and Corporate Expression


Unit 17    Post Modernism

                  Classicism Meets Modernism


Unit 18    The Age of Information

                  Trends and Issues Today


                        Research Project  < click



Unit 1      The Egyptian Kingdom

                  Ancient & Pre-Classical Architecture


Unit 2      Mycenae and the Aegean

                  Pre-Classical Architecture


Unit 3      Ancient Greece

                  The Mediterranean’s Democracy


Unit 4      The Roman Empire

                  The Mediterranean’s Empire


Unit 5      Byzantium

                  After the Empire: The Church


Unit 6      Gothic

                  Medieval Life and the “Village” 


Unit 7      Italian Renaissance

                  The Human Spirit in Italy 


Unit 8      Renaissance Masters

                  The Florentines