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Contracts & Specifications

Tuesday Evening 6:30, Room B-125

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Three Rivers

ARC K221

Professor:      Mark Comeau (860-215-9415), email

                        Credits: 3, Hours: 3, Pre-requisites:  ARC 135/L

Grading:         4 Exams = 50%, Sample Spec Project = 25%, Final Exam = 25%


Objective:          This course introduces the student to construction industry documents including project working drawings and the project manual which contains; bidding documents, contract documents, contract conditions and the specifications.  Additional documents include cut sheets, shop drawings, manufacturer’s specs. and various AIA (American Institute of Architects) documents used in contract administration.  Working knowledge is attained through actual execution of the documents.  The CSI Format is reviewed at length.






























Students will assemble a notebook, to be made up of handouts distributed at the beginning of each class.  A 3” “Slant-ring” notebook with plastic sheet protectors is recommended – this will be a good resource for future reference.


Spec Section

A sample Specification Section will be due no later than the beginning of the last (14th) week but no sooner than the 11th.  More details will be discussed in class.


Unit 9        The Project Manual  > Download

                  Lecture, Bid Form, AIA 701, Supplemental


Unit 10     The Project Manual  > Download 1

                  Contract Document CM-131 > Download 2


Unit 11     The Project Manual  > Download

                  A201 Contract Conditions


Unit 12     The Project Manual  > Download


Exam #3 on Blackboard               


Unit 13     Float Week

                  Thanksgiving Recess


Unit 14     Contract Administration  > Download

                  Quality Control & Management


Unit 15     Project Administration G702/703 Download

                  G702/703 Application for Payment


Unit 16     Summary Review & “G: Series Documents

                  Exam #4 on Blackboard

Unit 1        Introduction & Overview

                  Contractual Documentation


Unit 2        Design Agreements  > Lecture

                  Services, Delivery & Payment    


Unit 3        Design Agreements  > B141 Contract

                  General Conditions


Unit 4        The Working Drawings > Floor Plans

                  Plan View Elements


Unit 5        The Working Drawings  > Elevations

                  Elevation View Elements


Unit 6        The Working Drawings  > Sections

                  Section Details, Shop Drawings

Exam #1 on Blackboard

Unit 7        The Business Environment  > Download

                  Legal, Organization, Culture


Unit 8        Project Delivery  >  Download

                  Design-Bid-Build, CM, CA

Exam #2 on Blackboard