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Three Rivers

Travel Abroad

Kusadasi, Turkey, Summer 08’

Prof. Comeau lecturing in Barcelona Spring  2010

Students with Professor Comeau, Volcano Apoyo’s Crater, Nicaragua, 2008.

“The group” at Pompeii, 2011

Professor Comeau has been leading travel-study experiences around the World for over two decades.









Spring Break 2018 (Info session in April)

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Portugal & Spain!  To enroll us

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The Program’s History

Beginning in the 1990’s, Professor Comeau implemented the popular Spring Break Travel Abroad Program at the College.  In the 1990’s - 2000, Mark led students to Italy, Greece, France, England, Germany, Austria and Switzerland, and the following tours since the year 2000:

2000     Italy, France and Spain

2001     England, Wales and Ireland

2002      Italy and Greece

2003      Paris to Copenhagen

2004      Switzerland, Italy and France

                        Summer 04’ Italy, the Riviera & France

2005      Prague, Budapest, Vienna & Munich

                        Summer 05’  Italy & Greece

2006     Italy, Greece & the Greek Islands

                        Summer 06’ England France & Italy

2007     Paris, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Prague

2008     Nicaragua (Special winter offering)

2008      Egyptian Kingdom

                        Summer 08’ Italy and Greece

2009      (Italy & Greece customized)

2010      London, Paris & Barcelona

2011    The Grand Tour of Italy

2012    Ireland

2013      Italy & Greece

2014      Switzerland, Italy & France

2015      Southern Italy

2016      Amsterdam to Copenhagen

2017      Italy & Greece

2018      Portugal & Spain



About EF Tours

EF Educational Tours administers our travel abroad program.  EF is a leader in inter-cultural education programs world-wide and has corporate offices in Boston.  When planning our tours, EF takes care of coordinating all parts of the tour covered in the Program Fee, including; flights, hotel shuttles, meals, hotels, inter-city transportation, tours, and specific admissions included in the tour program.