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Construction Materials Syllabus

Monday/Wednesday 3:00 - 4:15 PM

Three Rivers

ARC K108

Instructor:     Brian Schuch ▪ Architect, email

                        Credits: 3,     Hours: 3,  Co-requisites:     ARC 135/L

Grade:            Exams (4) 60%         Assignments & Vignettes 25%          Final 15%


Course Objectives:

This course introduces architecture, civil & construction mgmt. students to the source, use and limitations of materials used in building construction.  While the historical use of materials as function and design expression is a focus, emphasis is placed on contemporary building construction, how codes impact design, and the articulation of a systems-approach through the understanding of assembly and attachment.  Practical working knowledge is attained through a series of projects requiring students to design and detail mock assemblies.

Syllabus         << Download

Method:         Lectures, Slide Lectures, Simulations, Class Discussion

Text:               Building Construction Illustrated, Francis D.K. Ching, (and Instructor Supplements)



























Learning Outcomes:

 Develop understanding and appreciation for historical use of materials (function & design)

 Identify material sources, extraction methods, properties, and product manufacture

 Understand up-stream issues, material distribution, storage and handling

 Read, understand, and interpret design sketches and construction detail drawings

 Attain knowledge of the inventory and methods of materials used in infrastructure and buildings

 Prepare detail drawings of material assemblies, connections, and fastening systems

Unit 7        Thermal & Moisture

                  Theory, Roofing, Insulation & Flashing


Unit 8        Doors & Windows  (separate downloads)

                  Residential & Commercial Systems


Unit 9        Finishes Part A

                  Drywall, Paneling & Trim


Unit 9        Finishes Part B

                  Flooring, Cabinetry


Unit 10     MEP

                  Plumbing/Connections, HVAC Systems


Unit 10     Electrical (download above)

                  Service Entry, Fixtures & Controls


Unit 14     Review

                  Course material recap


Final Exam

Course Complete


Unit 1        Introduction

                  A Historic Look at Material Solutions


Unit 2        Site Work

                  Soil, Aggregates & Paving


Unit 3        Concrete

                  Properties/Mixes, Uses & Limits


Unit 4        Masonry

                  Products, Uses & Assembly


Unit 5        Metals

                  Properties, Fasteners, Products & Uses


Unit 6        Woods Part A

                  General & Rough Carpentry


Unit 6        Woods Part B

                  Millwork & Finish Carpentry


Spring Break

No Class Sessions