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Site Analysis & Lab

Tuesday 5:00-9:35 PM

Three Rivers

ARC K241-241L

Professor:      Mark Comeau, (860-215-9415), email

                        Credits: 3, Hours: 5, Pre-requisites: ARC 102, ARC 135/L

Grade              Execution of Vignette Projects; Completion of Unit Exercises; Assignments;

Basis:              Final Project performance.


Course Objectives:

Site Analysis introduces architecture, civil, and construction students to an integrative approach to the systems & elements which are encountered in the analysis of site conditions.  The student will explore how each element operates and procedures to maintain or improve the quality of the site environment.  Students develop a value system which fosters the concept of fitness to human purpose & specific site context through an ecological approach to design.


Method:   Slide-lecture discussions, Project-based Vignettes, Class Discussion, Lab Activities

Note: All projects will be accessed and submitted for grading via Blackboard.

Text: Site Analysis, James A. LaGro Jr., (and Instructor Supplements)

Unit 1  Planning: Zoning & Ordinances     

            Project Approval Process


Unit 2  Contextual Elements: Vernacular

            Natural & Cultural


Unit 3  Design Factors: Geo-specific

            History & Function 


Unit 4  Environment: Climatology

            Macro & Micro Influences


Unit 5  Environment: Soils

            Taxonomy & Structures


Unit 6  Environment: Hydrology

            Managing Drainage & Runoff


Unit 7  Land Use: Analysis

            Maps, Sanborn, GIS, POCD’s


Recess Spring Break

            No Class Session



Each week, Blackboard Unit-downloads will provide students with numerous course resources that are relevant to site exploration, analysis and design.  Maintaining a digital record of these, along with exercise submittals, is encouraged for future reference and portfolio content.


Suggested Reading:

1.    Site Planning, Kevin Lynch

2.    Design With Nature, Ian McHarg

3.    Form, Space & Order, F.D. Ching


Unit 8        Land Use: Planning

                  Form-based Design, Smart Code


Unit 9        Landform: Geomorphology

                  Topography & Bathymetry


Unit 10     Landform: Topography

                  Graphic Representation


Unit 11     Landform: Grading/Earthwork

                  Design & Engineering Aspects


Unit 12     Landscape: Design/Materials

                  Erosion/moisture Control, Ecosystems


Unit 13     Infrastructure: Systems & Distribution

                  Electric/Data, Water & Waste


Unit 14     Final Site Design Project

                  Download  << Click Here


                  Final Site Design Project

                  Due May 9th