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Sustainable Construction

Wednesday 6:30 - 9:15 PM Room B-125

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Three Rivers

ARC K214/L

Professor:      Professor Mark A. Comeau ▪ Architect, 860.215.9415, email

                        Credits: 3,    Hours: 3,      Pre-requisites:  ARC 108

Grade:            Exams/Case Study 50%          Project Vignettes 20%        Class Participation 15%


Course Objectives:

Students will engage in the analysis of sustainable planning, design, and construction methods.  Emphasis will be placed on both site and building aspects including walkability, heat-island effect, water management, material durability and performance, healthy buildings, renewables, and methods of performance validation.  Credential raters (e.g. LEED, Energy Star, etc.), and other industry metrics will be studied and evaluated along with up and down-stream and life-cycle analyses.


Method:   Lectures, Slide Lectures, Simulations, Class Discussion


Text:         Instructor Supplements:      Syllabus

                  (Note: Documentation appropriate to the scheduled lecture will be distributed at the time of each lesson.)


























Learning Outcomes

 Develop an understanding of historic sustainable human settlement patterns and modern techniques as shaped by the needs, the environment, and regulations and laws.

 Develop an understanding of natural resource conservation and enhancement through planning.

 Demonstrate working knowledge of the various codes, ordinances and regulations effecting designs.

 Demonstrate working knowledge of alternative building materials, renewable energy systems, and their integration and assessment as related to LEED, BPI and other performance metrics.

Students will participate in the USGBC’s G|Pro Certification Examination upon course completion

Unit 9  Building FF & E:  Download

Fixtures, Furnishing & Equipment

                                        Exam #3 on Blackboard

Unit 10 Building MEP Systems:  Download 1



Unit 11 Building MEP Systems:  Download 2

Operation, Life-cycle, and Maintenance


Unit 12 Regulations and Economics Download

Intersecting Codes and Expense


Float Week

Thanksgiving Recess


Unit 13 Administering Waste Systems

Downstream Management Download


Unit 14 Commissioning  Download

Delivery, Performance and Verification

                                        Exam #4 on Blackboard




Unit 1  Historical Perspectives

Cultures, Context, Resources


Unit 2  Planning: Macro Perspective

Regional & Community Patterns


Unit 3  Planning: Micro Perspective

Regulations & Site Planning  


Unit 4  Resources: Natural (Water)

Depletion, Pollution & Conservation


Unit 5  Resources: Energy

Fuels & Renewables

                                                Exam #1 on Blackboard

Unit 6  Structural Systems:  Download

Engineered Lumber, ICF, Sips


Unit 7  Envelope Systems:  Download

Integrating Walls & Roof 

                                                Exam #2 on Blackboard

Unit 8  Integrative Design:  Download, Download 2

Interior & Exterior Performance