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Construction CAD

Wednesday 5:00 - 9:30 PM, Room D-115

Three Rivers

CAD K214-215L

Professor:      Mark Comeau (860-215-9415),

                        Credits: 3,    Hours: 5,      Pre-requisites:  ARC 135/L, CAD 106/07

Grade:            Drawing Assembly 55%, Line Type/Accuracy 15%, Timeliness 15%, Viewport Mgmt 15%


Course Objective:   

Construction CAD is an industry-specific sequential course to Intro to AutoCAD, where students (after attaining working knowledge of the software), implement the methods and purposes of architectural drawing details which convey design intent while illustrating constructability of detail, the materials, assemblies and methods to be used in construction.  Students learning outcomes are augments through construction observation, detail observation and a hands-on scaled detail building project.


Method:         Operational-demonstrations; Situational-lecture; Mock in-office project practice.

All projects will be accessed and submitted for grading via Blackboard.

Text:               (Text used in AutoCAD)





































Learning Outcomes:

 Understand the role of construction documents to illustrate assembly and constructability in the CAD environment.

 Analyze and understand building systems and their integration in design and performance.

 Demonstrate working knowledge of the various codes, ordinances and regulations effecting designs and how architectural details are designed and drawn to convey field construction of such.

CAD & Architecture Basics

Unit 1        Intro:  The “Set” Template

                  Managing Model, Paper & Ports 


Unit 2        Creating an “As-built”  , Field sketch-to-CAD

                  Measure & Digitizing


Unit 3        Site Plans: XRef and Trace

                  Plot Data & Controls


The “Plans”

Unit 4        Building the Floor Plan:

                  Walls, Controls & Objects


Unit 5        Building the Foundation Plan: Base-sheet

                  Control & Constr. Details


Typical Wall Section & Primary Elevation

Unit 6        Building the “Typical Wall” Section

                  Assembling the Wall


Unit 7        Building the Primary Elevation, Regulating Lines

                  Projecting from the Section


                  Spring Break this Semester March 11-19               

                  No Class Session

Elevations & Sections Cont’d

Unit 8        Building the Cross-section

                  Projecting from Plan & Elevation    


Unit 9        Engineering Site Sections

                  Preparing Typ. Site Details


Unit 10     Engineering Structural Sections

                  Preparing Typ. Structural Connections


Interior Details - Finishes

Unit 11     Building Interior Finishes

                  Preparing Interior Details & Schedules


Unit 12     Interior Finish Sections (Cabs & Millwork)

                  Typical Millwork Drawings


Final Project - a Capstone

Unit 13     The Plan Views

                  Site, Floor & Foundation


Unit 14     Supporting Views & Details

                  Elevations, Sections, Constr. Details


Note:         Create a folder to contain these downloads