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Building Codes & Ordinances

Tuesday Evening 6:00 - 8:45pm Room B-125

Text Box: ARC K227

Instructor:     Rick Staub ▪ Architect, ph 860-434-7707, email

                        Credits: 3     Hours: 3,      Pre-requisites: ARC 135/L

Grade:            Quizzes (4) 50%           Mid term 25%          Final 25%


Course Objectives:

To introduce the Architecture, Civil, and Construction students to the origins, scope and administration of local, state and federal codes and ordinances.  Students will be exposed to the elements of these codes and ordinances and to the impacts they have on the design, construction, and occupancy of a project.  Students will develop a working knowledge of the subject material as they track a hypothetical project from preliminary zoning research, through design and construction and ultimately the issuance of a “certificate of occupancy”.


Method:   Lectures, Slide Lectures, Simulations, Class Discussion


Text:         International Building Code (IBC) 2009, (and Instructor Supplements)




























Learning Outcomes:

 Understand the role, intent, and performance of Codes and Ordinances in development and construction.

 Demonstrate the ability navigate regulatory documents (sections & paragraphs) and their inter-relationships.

 Analyze and understand building systems and their integration in design and performance.

 Demonstrate the ability to apply research and investigative methods to projects of varying scope and complexity and apply proper interpretation of the codes.

Unit 8  Means of Egress Cont’d

Path-of-travel, Stairs, Exits


Unit 9  Accessibility

Circulation & Barrier-Free


Unit 10 Interior Environment

Walls, Floors & Ceilings


Unit 11 Exterior Envelopes

Walls and Roofs


Unit 12 Structural Design

Live/Dead Loads, Lateral Forces


Unit 13 Materials

Soils, Concrete, Masonry


Unit 14 Materials

Steel, Wood, Glazing, Gyp. Bd.


Unit 15 MEP Systems

Mechanical, Electrical & Plumbing

Unit 1  Over-view (Introduction)     

A Historic Look at Codes & Ordinances


Unit 2  Zoning Regulations

Use, Bulk, Design & Hazard Zones


Unit 3  Use Group and Occupancy

Associated Tables and References


Unit 4  General Building Limitations

Associated Table and References


Unit 5  Types of Construction

Associated Table and References


Unit 6  Fire Resistance Rated Constr.

Fire Walls, Penetrations & Openings


Unit 7  Means of Egress

Path-of-travel, Stairs, Exits


Spring Break

No Classes