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Three Rivers

ARC K213-213L

Professor:      Mark Comeau, (860-215-9415), email

                        Credits: 3, Hours: 5, Pre-requisites: ARC 211/L

Grading:         Students will be graded on four projects throughout the semester in accordance with the following                                    criteria:

      - Implementation of the tenets learned in Design I;

      - Depth of design exploration as evidenced by sketches and story-boards;

      - Craftsmanship of drawings and model construction;

      - Design solutions and creativity.


Course Objectives:

This design course is the capstone of the two year Associate Degree program.  Project types will be both individual and group and will consist of four vignettes of expanded scope and solution requirements.  Rendering and detail model construction will be introduced as students explore design through three dimensions.  Building systems are also explored as an integral part of design.


Text:   Form, Space & Order, Francis D.K. Ching, (and Instructor Supplements)


Project 1:    A Study in: Design Exploration

Week 1:    Project Issued;

                  Process Review & Est. Deliverables


Week 2:    Schematic Progress;

                  Explore Solutions/Story Boards


Week 3:    Design Development;

                  System Integration/Essential Dwgs


Week 4:    Design Roll-out (Crits);

                  Presentations & Media


Project 2:    A Study in: Materials in Design

Week 5:    Project Issued;

                  Program Review, Project Intent


Week 6:    Schematic Progress;

                  Design Intent, Mat’l Inventory


Week 7:    Design Development;

                  Fabrication & Performance


Week 8:    Review Forum (Crits);

                  Presentations & Demonstration




Required Materials:       ▫ 12” role of cream or white trace

(along with drafting)   ▫ HB pencils

                ▫ prismacolor pencils (muted tones of grays, greens, others)

                ▫ prismacolor markers (muted tones of grays, greens, others)

Use of SketchUp will be utilized.


Architectural Design II

Thursday Evening 5:30 - 9:50pm Room B-214

Project 3:    A Study in: Design Assemblies

                        Week 9:   Project Issued (Previously);

                        Spring Break (No Class)


Week 10:        Schematic Progress;

                        Materials & Fasteners


Week 11:        Design Development;

                        Assembly Sequencing, Finishes


Week 12:        Review Forum (Crit);

                        Presentation Drawings & Models


Project 4:    Practicum Project (Final Project)

Week 13:        Project Issued;

                        Program Review, Est. Deliverables


Week 14:        Schematic Progress;

                        Site Analysis & Design Integration


Week 15:        Design Development;

                        Systems Development


Week 16:        Review Forum (Crits);

                        Guests Invited