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Fund Constr. Management

Monday 6:00-8:45 PM

Three Rivers

CTC K102

Professor:      Rob Lewandowski, PE, Email


Grade:      Exams (4) 50%         Mid term 25%           Final 25%

                  (Subject to Change)


Course Objectives:

Fundamentals of Construction Management: Introduces the fundamental aspects of construction management to students in a broad format, covering topics that include understanding the design vision, establishing team expectations, project planning, scheduling, estimating, organizational forms, contracts and risk management.


Method:   Lectures, Slide Lectures, Simulations, Class Discussion


Text:         Instructor Supplements

                  Optional: Construction Management, Halpin & Woodhead

Unit 1  Introduction

            Concepts, Methods and Assessment 


Unit 2  Preconstruction Phases

            Budgets, Planning & Value Engineering


Unit 3  Construction Phases

            Critical Path, Trades & Coordination


Unit 4  Construction Contracts

            Service Agreements, Prime & Subs


Unit 5  Construction Law 

            Legal Structure, Contractual Elements


Unit 6  Company & Project Organization

            Legal Structures


Unit 7  Project Funding & Cash Flow

            Funding Sources & Disbursements


Unit 8  Project Payments and Payout

            Request for Payment Requisition



Learning Outcomes:

 Understand the methods of project conception, planning & the different delivery models.

 Demonstrate knowledge of critical path elements including lead-times, scheduling, labor, and milestone management.

 Demonstrate the ability to forecast labor personnel, materials and equipment for proper task completion.

 Analyze production data and process mock payment requisitions.

Unit 9  Equipment Management

            Equipment Resources


Unit 10 Equip. Productivity & Material

            Task & Equipment Matching


Unit 11 Labor Relations/Management

            Inter-personnel Coordination


Unit 12 Planning with Spreadsheets

            Management Software


Unit 13 Managing with Spreadsheets

            Management Software


Unit 14 In-class Movie

            To be announced


Unit 15 In-class Movie

            Cont’d ...


Unit 16 Final Exam