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What can I do with my Degree?

Text Box: Becoming a problem-solver: thatís one of the single most common traits of those whom complete some level of architectural training. To solve a complex design problem, students must:
1) identify the key issues
2) analyze precedents
3) research all the factors that will influence a solution
4) graphically and verbally communicate the solution.
Decades of graduates from the Architectural Design Technology program have capitalized on the skills sets their rigorous design school background has provided, either gaining employment in the field or transferring.
Text Box: Job Opportunities
Text Box: Transfer Opportunities

Technical Draftspersons < What do they do?


Technical Draftsperson

CAD Technician

BIM/CAD Specialist

BIM/CAD Designer


Survey Technician


Construction Technicians < What do they do?


3D Graphic Illustrator

Construction BIM/CAD Technician

Construction Materials Rep

Construction Estimatorís Assistant










Construction†††† †††††

Allied Fields



BArch (Professional)







Allied Degrees


Interior Design

Landscape Architect

Salaries & Job Description (Architect)


Architect†† ††††† < How much do they make and how?

Salaries & Job Descriptions (Associates)


CAD Technician††††† ††††† < How much do they make and how?

BIM/CAD Specialist

BIM/CAD Designer