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Three Rivers

Trends & Issues “Revit”

Monday 6:00 - 8:45 pm

ARC K280

Instructor:     Brian Schuch ▪ Architect, email

                        Credits: 3,    Hours: 3,      Pre-requisites:  ARC 108, ARC 135/L

Grade:            Exams (4) 60%         Assignments & Vignettes 25%          Final 15%


Course Objectives:

In this annual “topics” course, students gain a basic mastery of the Autodesk® 3D parametric application, “Revit®”, including file management, template creation, form and exterior articulation, interior spatial design, and detail design.  The course culminates in students preparing a final Revit file of a home of their own design.


Method:   Lecture-demonstrations; Project Exercises; Mock in-office Projects


Text:         Martin, David. Instant Revit, 2016.

                  ISBN 9781501010415























Educational Objectives:

Become familiar with the differences between 2D CAD and 3d Parametric representation;

Develop an understanding of the Revit platform; its capabilities and limits;

Demonstrate working knowledge of the software through a final project.

Course Requirements:

Students assemble a compendium exercises based on the required book.  Digital storing is required.

Final Project

Students shall execute a project commensurate with their mastery of the Revit software.

Unit 7  Tutorial 4

Creating Topo & Site Elements


Unit 8 Tutorial 5

Stairs & Misc. Plans


Unit 9 Tutorial 6

Setting up Options & Rendering


Unit 10 Tutorial 6 Cont’d

Setting up Options & Rendering


Unit 11 Tutorial 7

Assembling Sheet Views/Project


Unit 12 Tutorial 7 Cont’d

Assembling Sheet Views/Project


Final Project

Design Project Executed in Revit

Unit 1  Over-view & Content Mapping

Review of course content


Unit 2  Warm Up #1

Single Story House 


Unit 3  Warm Up #2

Base Plate & Lighting Plan


Unit 4  Tutorial 1

Creating the Building Layout


Unit 5  Tutorial 2

Cabinets, Appliance, Fixtures     


Unit 6  Tutorial 3

Finish Schedules


Spring Break

(Float, No Class Sessions)